Read e-book online 100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet PDF

Read e-book online 100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet PDF

By Anna Claybourne

ISBN-10: 1408124203

ISBN-13: 9781408124208

Packed packed with examples of the main disgusting and repulsive issues at the planet.

The revolting and interesting publication is packed to the brim with disgusting, gross, and repulsive issues bound to entice readers of every age. The content material is split right into a diversity of different types, from offensive animals, crops, and different creatures to meals, innovations, and naturally, a range of revolting human physique bits equivalent to snot, scabs, and earwax. every one web page has a Yuck issue score and outline, besides photographs and illustrations. Sidebars contain additional gross info and tips.

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As its name suggests, it is tapeshaped, with little hooks on its head to fix itself firmly to the inside of your intestine. DiD you know? some tapeworms can grow to a shocking 8 m (27 ft) long while living inside you. how revolting! toP tiP! yuCk faCtor! this big Being home to a parasite a. ide ive is a really repuls eggs Tapeworms lay eggs that come out of your bottom when you use the toilet. In countries with poor sewage systems, dirty water from toilets can get into water that’s used for drinking or for washing food, so tapeworms can spread easily.

YuCk faCtor! Stand back! This hippo is making sure you know he’s the boss with a flying poo warning. , and Poo-spraying, pee-squirting one’s gas-belching hippos are no ny. pa com lite po idea of 38 dIsgustIng nature oPossuM yuCk faCtor! plays Opossums’ disgusting dis d they an are revolting, but rare – e siv serve a very useful defen purpose, too. Opossums are smallish, fluffy mammals found in America. They look quite normal – even cute. But when the common opossum is in danger of being attacked or eaten, all that changes!

When you crack a seed pod open, the smell goes everywhere! stinKing toe snaCK Amazingly, despite smelling so bad, the inside of the toe fruits is a local delicacy in the Caribbean, where the tree grows. It’s said to taste sweet and delicious – but it does give you bad breath! useful toe tree A stinking toe tree: the place to go for a smelly but satisfying snack. Hardened sap from the stinking toe tree, known as copal, is used as an incense (burned to release scent) and as a sealant for tooth fillings.

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