A Fuller Explanation: The Synergetic Geometry of R. - download pdf or read online

A Fuller Explanation: The Synergetic Geometry of R. - download pdf or read online

By Amy Edmondson

ISBN-10: 0817633383

ISBN-13: 9780817633387

ISBN-10: 1468474855

ISBN-13: 9781468474855

In a huge feel layout technological know-how is the grammar of a language of pictures instead of of phrases. sleek conversation suggestions allow us to transmit and reconstitute photos with out the necessity of understanding a selected verbal sequential language akin to the Morse code or Hungarian. overseas site visitors symptoms use overseas photograph symbols which aren't particular to any specific verbal language. a picture language differs from a verbal one in that the latter makes use of a linear string of symbols, while the previous is multidimensional. Architectural renderings ordinarily exhibit projections onto 3 jointly perpendicular planes, or encompass pass sections at vary­ ent altitudes representing a stack of ground plans. Such renderings make it tough to visualize structures containing ramps and different positive aspects which cover the separation among flooring; therefore, they restrict the creativity of the architect. Analogously, we have a tendency to examine typical constructions as though nature had used related stacked renderings, instead of, for example, a method of packed spheres, with the outcome that we fail to understand the process of association picking out the shape of such structures.

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Systems and Synergy 35 The law of synergy, although too all-encompassing to seem a valid starting point for such an inventory, dictates a basic strategy of starting with a whole system and then investigating its parts. The most painstaking study of its separate components will never reveal the behavior of a system. All other generalized principles therefore must be subsets of this fundamental truth: the whole is not equal to the sum of its isolated parts. N ow we take some time out to look at aspects of conventional geometry that will illuminate Fuller's work, despite the fact that it is not directly included in Synergetics.

Hence the title of Fuller's opus: Synergetics: The Geometry of Thinking. Synergy Implicit in the above discussion of systems is a property described accurately by only one word. "Synergy" has come into fairly widespread use recently, perhaps due to Bucky's many years of championing its cause, or perhaps just because we finally needed it badly enough. " Consider the phenomenon of gravity. The most thorough examination of any object (from pebbles to planets) by itself will not predict the surprising behavior of the attractive force between two objects, in direct proportion to the product of their masses and changing inversely with the square of the distance between them.

So Fuller's concern that we recognize conceptual systems as sizeless sets of relationships capable of being physically embodied is an essential part of his geometry of thinking. In either form, the emphasis is on the relationships. We begin to see a basis for the phenomenon of vastly different properties exhibited by systems with identical constituents. One notable example is the soft grey graphite of pencils in contrast to sparkling impenetrable diamonds, both consisting exclusively of carbon atoms.

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