Adsorption phenomena and anchoring energy in nematic liquid by Giovanni Barbero, Luiz Roberto Evangelista PDF

Adsorption phenomena and anchoring energy in nematic liquid by Giovanni Barbero, Luiz Roberto Evangelista PDF

By Giovanni Barbero, Luiz Roberto Evangelista

ISBN-10: 0849335841

ISBN-13: 9780849335846

Regardless of the massive volume of phenomenological info about the bulk homes of nematic part liquid crystals, little is known in regards to the foundation of the skin strength, fairly the outside, interfacial, and anchoring houses of liquid crystals that impact the functionality of liquid crystal units. Self-contained and targeted, Adsorption Phenomena and Anchoring power in Nematic Liquid Crystals offers an account of latest and validated effects spanning 3 a long time of analysis into the issues of anchoring power and adsorption phenomena in liquid crystals. The booklet encompasses a precise dialogue of the foundation and attainable assets of anchoring power in nematic liquid crystals, emphasizing the dielectric contribution to the anchoring strength particularly. starting with basic floor and anchoring homes of liquid crystals and the definition of the nematic part, the authors clarify how selective ion adsorption, dielectric strength density, thickness dependence, and bias voltage dependence impression the uniform alignment of liquid crystals and have an effect on the functionality of liquid crystal units. additionally they talk about basic equations regulating the adsorption phenomenon and the dynamic features of ion adsorption phenomenon in liquid crystalline platforms. Adsorption Phenomena and Anchoring strength in Nematic Liquid Crystals serves as a superb resource of reference for graduates and researchers operating in liquid crystals, advanced fluids, condensed subject physics, statistical physics, chemical engineering, and digital engineering, in addition to offering an invaluable basic creation to and history details at the nematic liquid crystal part.

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A lot of this publication used to be written in the course of a sabbatical stopover at through J. C. H. S. to the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart in the course of 1991. we're consequently thankful to Professors M. Ruhle and A. Seeger for appearing as hosts in this time, and to the Alexander von Humbolt beginning for the Senior Scientist Award which made this stopover at attainable.

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In the case of compensated NLC, where hyperpolarizabilities need to be taken into account, the transition can be of first order at the inversion point of the main anisotropy [23]–[25]. In order to review the main aspects of this phenomenon in the strong- and weak-anchoring hypothesis a nematic slab of thickness d is again considered. We consider first the case of strong anchoring. 1. The easy direction is supposed to be parallel to the z axis (homeotropic alignment). It is also assumed that the director lies always in the plane (x, z) in such a way that n = sin θ(z)i + cos θ(z)k, where θ(z) is the tilt angle, i and k are the unit vectors parallel to the x and z axes, respectively.

C This relation shows that in the case of finite anchoring energy the effective sample thickness is d+2L instead of d. In other words, θ(±d/2) = θs , whereas θ[±(d/2 + L)] = 0. 2 Example 2: Fr´ eedericksz transition–nonhomogeneous anchoring energy In this example a generalization of the preceding results for the case of nonhomogeneous anchoring energy is proposed [5]. It will be supposed that the anchoring strength W = W (x) or, equivalently L = L(x), where x is the coordinate parallel to the bounding plates.

Physics Letters A, 256, 399 (1999). [22] Meyer RB. Piezoelectric effects in liquid crystals. Physical Review Letters, 29, 918 (1969). [23] Barberi R, Barbero G, and Evangelista LR. Order phase transition near the inversion point of main anisotropy. Modern Physics Letters B, 4, 751 (1990). [24] Barbero G, Evangelista LR, and Gabbasova Z. Fr´eedericksz-like transitions in compensated nematic liquid crystals. International Journal of Modern Physics B, 5, 697 (1991). [25] Barbero G, Evangelista LR, and Krekhov AP.

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