Download e-book for iPad: All Is One: Understanding Entheogens and Nonduality by Martin W. Ball

Download e-book for iPad: All Is One: Understanding Entheogens and Nonduality by Martin W. Ball

By Martin W. Ball

During this brief, yet provocative, publication, entheogenic researcher, Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., maintains his ongoing elucidation of the Entheological Paradigm, nonduality, and the function of entheogens in own awakening and transformation. half I covers nonduality, the character of the ego, and the vigorous event of entheogens, taking a detailed examine what nonduality either is and is not. half II contains choices from Martin's new novel, past Azara, that depict the 5-MeO-DMT event with "Slipping into Infinity" and a glance at how fact works as a unified full of life method with "The tale of the One." half III gains "God's instruction manual for working Human Vehicles," a major but tongue-in-cheek advisor for dwelling authentically as an immediate embodiment of the single common cognizance. The venture wraps up with a few verse urging "Sleepwalkers, Awaken!" For a person attracted to nonduality, the unitary nature of fact, and the robust position of entheogens in human understanding, it is a needs to learn.

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Traditional mystical systems have answered the conundrum by proclaiming that all appearances of diversity and separation are fundamentally illusory, and therefore, not real. Enlightenment in such traditions is characterized as a process of overcoming illusory perceptions and conceptuality, often coupled with various moral, ethical, and ritual prescriptions for generating “enlightened” behavior in individuals. In such traditions, realization of enlightenment is also characterized as an “escape” from dualistic materiality, whether that be the Moksha liberation of Hindus or the extinguishing Nirvana of Buddhists.

It is not perspectival, however, for perspectives are only possible with individual vehicles through which that consciousness can express and experience itself. In order for individual perspectives to occur, consciousness must have bodies through which to express itself. In order for bodies to exist within a unitary system, space, time, and energetic transformation are necessary. This is what we know of as the evolution of the physical universe and the living beings that inhabit it. This evolution is made possible by relative limits within the energy of the unitary being that is reality.

Thinking itself is largely a dualistic enterprise. , is thoroughly dualistic. There is always an apparent divide between the subject who is thinking and that which the subject is thinking about. Every object of the mind is precisely that: an object that stands in contradistinction to the subject. Nondual experience then, is not about thought. This also implies that nondual experience is not the result of any form of sustained study. You cannot learn nondualism. It is not a matter of sorting out your thoughts or beliefs.

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