Download e-book for iPad: An Introduction to Human Blood Groups by M.D. Fulton Roberts

Download e-book for iPad: An Introduction to Human Blood Groups by M.D. Fulton Roberts

By M.D. Fulton Roberts

ISBN-10: 1483256758

ISBN-13: 9781483256757

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In Group O) their properties differ slightly from those when they are separate (as in Group A or Group B persons), or when artificially mixed from persons of the latter groups. e. some anti-B seems to be absorbed by A cells and vice versa, almost as if there were some antigenic component common to both groups and recognised by the sera of Group O persons, or some Group O persons, alone. I t is also of interest, and may be rele­ vant, t h a t the immune forms of anti-A or anti-B giving rise to hsemolytic disease of the newborn seem to arise far more commonly in mothers of Group O than in those of Group A or B.

One may turn now to a consideration first of the consequences t h a t flow from Fisher's synthesis and then of the additional alleles more recently discovered. Fisher's synthesis at once simplifies and explains what might otherwise appear a complex series of reactions. I t is based on the view t h a t there are three closely-situated but independent sites on the chromosome (loci) which will receive one of each pair of alleles. The closeness of the loci, as well as their independence, can be illustrated by examining further evidence.

One may feel that a revised notation for all blood groups is becoming pressing. Such a revision will not inconvenience the clinician who encounters but a handful of these antigens in normal practice ; and the expert will be intellectually gratified and can always be furnished with a glossary. Perhaps the greatest impediment to a revision of the notation is fear of tackling the sacrosanct international nomenclature of the ABO system. CHAPTER VIII THE ABO SYSTEM ALTHOUGH the ABO blood groups were the first by many years to be discovered and are the most important of all groups clinically, they display such unusual features, in comparison with other groups, that they are hardly a suitable introduction to the topic in general.

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An Introduction to Human Blood Groups by M.D. Fulton Roberts

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